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In the early 2000s, a group of passionate parents recognized the need for a platform that would address the gaps in opportunities for children of color. This vision gave birth to the organization known as We Play Hockey Too (WPH2). WPH2 was founded with a mission to provide a holistic support system for aspiring athletes, focusing on exposure to elite-level training, creating pathways to success, and fostering inclusivity. The organization developed comprehensive programs that not only emphasized skill development but also offered guidance on navigating the competitive sports landscape, with an eye on collegiate sports, professional leagues, and international competitions.
To complement these efforts, WPH2 prioritized parental involvement and education. The organization developed outreach programs to inform parents about the pathways to success available for their children. From scholarship opportunities to mentorship programs, WPH2 empowered parents with the knowledge needed to actively support their children’s athletic journeys.
Creating an inclusive environment was a fundamental principle for WPH2. The organization implemented policies and initiatives to ensure that athletes from diverse backgrounds feel welcome and supported. By fostering an environment that celebrates differences, WPH2 aims to break down stereotypes and promote unity within the sports community.
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