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What we do

We offer various clinics throughout the year that teach our kids by exposing them to techniques and drills used by upper tier athletes.  Moreover, we host symposiums which educate athletes and families on various subjects like nutrition, college admissions, and sports-related matters. Our on-ice clinics focus on instruction rather than demonstration.  Our development philosophy is everyone can be elite with dedication, hard work, and the right training.
We also sponsor tournament teams to showcase our youth and provide an inclusive team experience.
We Play Hockey Too - Hockey Skills Training


Unleash your potential with our exclusive individualized hockey clinics. Clinics feature experienced coaches, who customize coaching to deepen understanding for true skill development.

We Play Hockey Too - Hockey Tournaments


Join the WPHT Panthers! Embrace diversity, play passionately, and unite through the game of hockey in an inclusive and supportive environment.

We Play Hockey Too Inclusive Hockey Community Education


Attend our insightful symposiums and embark on a journey towards achieving your full potential in sports and in life. Delve into education, performance, and mental health topics.

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